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Student Success November 2017: Cat Dealers (Sony), Paradoks, Cameron George (Defected)

Each month, we catch up with Point Blank students and alumni to showcase their successes since studying with us, giving you an insight into how music industry careers are established and nurtured right here at Point Blank. In our Student Successes November 2017, we were inundated with successful students both current and past. We eventually settled on the three contained herein: Brazilian duo Cat Dealers, who have made their way into DJ Mag’s top 100 DJs; the Beatport chart-topping Paradoks, and Defected records’ Cameron George. Check out our LondonLos AngelesIbizaMumbai and Online course pages to begin your own journey in the music industry.

Cat Dealers (Sony Music Entertainment) – Complete DJ

Cat Dealers are brothers Luigi and Pedrão. Over the past couple of years, they’ve been gaining traction in Brazil to become one of the country’s biggest artists. Brazil being the largest country in South America, this has translated into a sizable following on a global scale. So much so that Cat Dealers broke into DJ Mag’s top 100 DJs poll for 2017, while their latest release, ‘Sober’, has been flying out on Beatport.

Luigi studied a DJ course with us in 2013, and he told us he decided on Point Blank over schools in North America and across Europe. Also, on production, which is what has launched Cat Dealers into the stratosphere he said this: “I started to become interested in music production after seeing other students producing their tracks on the PB Studios, and I became really close to ERI2. This was my first contact with producing, and I decided to stay on to study Music Production.”

Check out Cat Dealers on Facebook.

Cameron George (Defected Records) – Music Production, DJing, Music Industry

Cameron George is a Producer and DJ. He is also A&R at Defected Records and Radio Producer at Defected and Glitterbox Radio. Cameron’s mixes have appeared on atone and Fibre. and he is working on the launch of his own label, Steel City Death Wish, due early next year.

“I first found PB through an advert in DJ Mag, and I then used a lot of your walkthroughs and similar content. I then decided to study for 9 months.” Cameron told us of his discovery of PB. And what was the biggest thing he took from his studies?

“Probably my friends and contacts. The majority of projects I’ve worked on, and still am, are with people I met at Point Blank. The friends and contacts I made led me to put on my own events, collaborate on new music and form collectives. Without those friends, I think I’d have really struggled to get involved in music in London.”

“As a DJ and producer as well I’d definitely recommend PB to a friend. When I first started I would spend hours on the internet searching for the simplest of answers. At PB I could get answers instantly, growing and learning as a producer and DJ far quicker.”

Paradoks (Timeless Thought) – BA (Hons) in Music Production and Sound Engineering

Kobe Motmans, aka Paradoks is a degree student at Point Blank, a few months into his two-year course. His release Eternal on Timeless Moment recently spent a week at number 1 in the Beatport chart for all genres. For a student at the start of his career, it’s a great step.

“My first release only came out in March, but I’ve had huge support from the likes of Lane 8 and Solee.” He told us via email. “I finished my bachelor’s degree in economics and had really started to believe in myself that I could make it in the music industry, so I immediately started at Point Blank.”

With such a strong start behind him, we asked him what he wanted to achieve in music. “I want to send people on a musical journey, all around the globe. There is nothing better than performing and seeing the crowd really get into the music.” Check out Paradoks on Facebook here.

Successes such as these are not uncommon among our students and alumni, and the common denominator is Point Blank. We can teach you how to DJ like the best of them at any of our schools. If you’d like to learn how to produce, then we can build your skills from the ground up. Our most comprehensive course, our BA (Hons) in Music Production and Sound Engineering is accredited by Middlesex University, as is our online alternative. For more information contact us via our contact page.

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