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The Best Christmas Gifts for Music Producers in 2023

As the festive season rolls in, it’s the ideal time to consider the perfect Christmas gifts for the music producers in your life. Whether they’re budding enthusiasts or seasoned maestros, the right equipment can significantly elevate their musical journey. Below is a curated list of seven stellar gift ideas for 2023, each designed to enhance a producer’s workflow. Additionally, for those aspiring to delve deeper into music production, Point Blank offers immersive courses such as Music Production and Sound Engineering or Music Production and Vocal Performance – an invaluable investment in their musical aspirations.

  1. High-Quality Headphones

    (Approx. £150-£230) Essential for any producer, professional-grade headphones provide accurate sound reproduction vital for mixing and mastering. Look for models offering a flat frequency response and comfortable design for extended use. Audio Technica ATH-M50X or the Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro’s are both great options.

  2. USB Hub for Macs

    (Approx. £10-£70) A practical and thoughtful gift, a USB hub expands a Mac’s connectivity, allowing for the effortless integration of multiple devices like MIDI controllers and external drives, streamlining any production setup.

  3. A Portable Microphone (e.g Tascam DR-05X Microphone)

    (Approx. £80-£150) The Tascam DR-05X is a versatile, portable microphone, perfect for capturing high-quality audio on the go. It’s an excellent choice for producers who enjoy field recording or need a dependable microphone for spontaneous ideas.

  4. Plugin Voucher (e.g., Soundtoys, Valhalla DSP)

    (Variable Prices) Offering a world of creative possibilities, a plugin gift card lets producers choose from a wide array of effects and instruments, enhancing their sonic capabilities.

  5. MIDI Keyboard Controller

    (Approx. £80-£250) A fundamental tool in a producer’s arsenal, a MIDI keyboard enables more expressive and hands-on music creation, essential for those who favour a tactile approach to production. Native Instruments offer some great midi keyboards for those looking for something high quality and long-lasting.

  6. External Solid-State Drive (SSD)

    (Approx. £80-£160) An SSD is a practical and highly useful gift, offering speedy and reliable storage for projects, samples, and software – a necessity for producers handling extensive files and intricate sessions. SanDisk’s SSDs or Samsung’s Portable Drives are both great options.

  7. Point Blank Professional Course

    (Course Prices Vary) The gift of education with a Point Blank course is invaluable. Courses like our Music Production and Sound Engineering Diploma or Music Production and Vocal Performance provide an educational adventure, fostering professional development and creative growth.

Each of these gifts not only brings a smile but also contributes significantly to a producer’s creative process. And for those eager to advance their skills, a course at Point Blank is a thoughtful and inspiring option, offering professional guidance and a community of like-minded artists. Happy holidays and happy music-making!

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