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Grammy Award Winner Todd Edwards Masterclass Insight at Point Blank Los Angeles

At Point Blank, we’re pretty transparent with what goes on at our schools, after all we’re proud of what we offer. This is why you can find free sample courses online, features on our learning platforms and video insights into what it’s like to be a student here, not to mention all of the top-quality free content you can find out at our YouTube channel. But have you ever wondered what it’s like to attend our masterclasses in person? We could tell you ourselves, but we thought what better way to share that with you than to ask one of our esteemed guests to tell us what happens when they give a masterclass. So, at a recent class in LA, we asked the Grammy Award-winning producer and DJ, Todd Edwards, to tell what goes on when he’s imparting his sizable knowledge and expertise. Inspired? Get access to masterclasses like this one with the business when studying with us at PBLA.

Todd Edwards is not a man that needs much introduction, but in case you need a refresher, he’s a producer and DJ, and one of the most prominent figures in house & garage since the mid-nineties. An early champion of speed garage with a trademark cut-up style of sampling, he came to be known as a pioneer of UK garage, all the way from New Jersey. During those early years, his original productions would regularly appear on the i! label, and he began a long series of legendary remixes which have continued to this day. Artists remixed by Edwards include MJ Cole, Moloko, Beyoncé, TLC, Hot Chip, Mathew Dear and Sam Smith. Edwards also holds the enviable accolade of being the only artist to collaborate on two separate occasions with those masked marauders from Paris: Daft Punk.

In this video, we get a glimpse of a Todd Edwards masterclass at Point Blank Los Angeles, in which he shares some invaluable advice and choice anecdotes with his students. Watch the video to see and hear glimpses of his DAW projects, managerial insights and stories about the less glamorous side of old-school sampling techniques. Plus, hear about his love for Irish folk music and DIY Björk impersonations.

Todd Edwards with Daft Punk and DJ Falcon

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