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Top 10 Tracks Featuring Roland TR-909

As those secretive folk over at Roland HQ potentially prepare something special for anyone whose dreamt of owning the three iconic pieces of kit in electronic music history, all week we’re looking back at the trail of music they left behind. Yesterday we took a look at the 808 and its electro beginnings, but today’s the turn of the 909 whose kicks, hats and snares will be instantly recognisable to anyone who’s been to a club in the past 25 years.

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Daft Punk – Revolution 909

Derrick May – Strings of Life

Inner City – Big Fun

Mr Fingers – Can You Feel It?


Black Box – Ride on Time

Techtonic – Pump Up The Jam

MARRS – Pump Up The Volume

Laurent Garnier – The Man With The Red Face

Joey Beltram – Energy Flash

Model 500 – The Chase

. . .

Editor’s Note: This is an old article and things have moved on considerably since the original publication date 🙂

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