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Top 3 Ableton Tutorials of 2016 – Techno & House Style Guides + Multiwarping

Our top 3 Ableton Live tutorials of the year are packed full of solid tips and techniques on how to harness the power of this remarkable DAW. We’ve also taken a good look at how two of dance music’s most important genres came into existence. Make sure you don’t miss any of our future Ableton tutorials by subscribing to our YouTube channel.

Style Guide: House

In the first part of our new Style Guide series James Wiltshire (Freemasons, F9 Audio, Beyoncé) invited us into his Brighton studio to look at how House music was born. With a clear love for a genre now experiencing its second coming, Wiltshire showed us how to reconstruct some classic original House beats using Ableton Live.

Style Guide: Techno 1 & 2

In at number two is another Style Guide from James Wiltshire who this time delved into the ‘man meets machine’ origins of techno. Wiltshire then showed us how to create unique and original sounds in Ableton using everyday studio kit and some smart sound design techniques. Learn more about how to make Techno on one of our Online Master Diploma courses.

Ableton Live Tutorial: Multiwarping

Most of us know about warping but did you know that you can warp more than one stem at a time? In this tutorial Ableton expert Freddy Frogs showed us how. Watch it and you will learn how to tighten up your tracks and speed up your workflow significantly. Frogs also revealed the best mode in which to warp vocals.

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** Editors note: Things have moved on significantly since this article was published 🙂 Please head to our blog homepage for the very latest tutorials from Point Blank.

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