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Track Deconstruction: Drake – ‘God’s Plan’ in Ableton Live 10

We’re back today with another track deconstruction from the master of deconstructions, Ski Oakenfull. This time Ski has taken aim at Canadian rapper Drake’s biggest hit of 2018, ‘God’s Plan‘. During the deconstruction, Ski will guide you through exactly how the record-breaking track was made and the elements you’ll need to create your own ‘God’s Plan‘ style beat. In case you don’t know, Ski is our Head of Curriculum so whether you study with us in London or Online (or elsewhere) he will have a major hand in what you learn at the school. So, without further ado, jump into the deconstruction below.

Armed with Ableton Live 10 suite and a Push 2, Ski starts by laying down the foundations of the beat punching in kicks, snares, rolling hats, and other percussive elements. Then, before adding the 808 bass and melody, he delves into the music theory behind the song’s infectious chords and key signature. For extra measure, he even drops in the acapella at the end to show you how accurate the breakdown is. As the original track was created using samples that sat between two keys, Ski pitched his up 48ct to conform to B-flat Minor. Watch till the end to find out which sounds Ski used to build his ‘God’s Plan‘ recreation.

God’s Plan‘ is an absolute jam. Blending a fusion of gospel style organs with 808 bass shots, the Scorpion track delivers the right amount of soul with the right amount of street cred. The track was first released back in January, and by February had smashed streaming records worldwide. It was produced by Cardo, Yung Exclusive, and Boi-1da and appeared on both Drizzy’s Scary Hours EP and Scorpion LP. With hundreds of millions of hits on the YouTube video alone, it’s no secret that the beat behind this one is a certified winner.

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