Tutorial: Using Send & Return Bus Effects in Logic Pro X

In this tutorial, Risa T shows how you can use send and return effects in Logic Pro X to bus different channels of audio into a combined channel. This allows you to effect multiple channels of audio without having to insert audio effects on each individual channel. This technique can be used for both convenience but also creatively to add new layers of effected audio over your track.

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During the video, Risa demonstrates both inserting effects individually on a channel and then layering it with send and return effects using a bus. One advantage of using send effects is that it allows you to have two separate effects chains, one on the channel you’re sending and one on the bus. She applies an echo to the send and shows how it adds depth without affecting the original sound. Risa then demonstrates how you can automate the level of send that you’re applying to the bus and adjusting both the wet/dry, the dry being the unaffected signal and wet being the effected signal.

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