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Watch Gammer Breakdown His Epic Track ‘Out With The Old’

In our latest track breakdown Monstercat wonderboy Gammer is back to show us how he created his epic club track, ‘Out With The Old’. The “spiritual followup” to his previous hit, ‘The Drop’, ‘Out With The Old’ continues to embrace the producer and DJ’s trance roots and packs one hell of a punch. Crammed with euphoric strings, heavy-weight bass lines, screeching melodies and more, it’s everything you could want from a Gammer track. ‘Out With The Old’ is available now via DJ Snake’s new Premiere Classe imprint and continues the producer’s winning streak.

Below watch Gammer and DJ Ravine get into the thick of what went into the track and don’t forget, you can learn about all of the techniques demonstrated here with our production classes in London.

Kicking off the breakdown the UK producer delves into the emotive strings and vocoder synth used in the track’s intro – including the plugins he added to achieve such a rich and luscious sound. before breaking down the drop he shows us his buildup techniques, where he layered a number of simple synths and effects to create maximum rave levels. The track’s drop sits very closely to the previously and aptly mentioned ‘The Drop’. To create this monster Gammer used his go-to bass synth paired with an underlying vocal sample manipulated beyond belief with Ableton’s vocoder.

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