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Watch Our Top 3 FFLs of 2017! How to Master a Dance Track, Create Classic Sounds + More

2017 has been a great year for Friday Forum Live, Point Blank’s live Friday broadcast. Keeping you updated with music production techniques, tips and tricks, we’ve been joined by our expert instructors to bring you tutorials, interviews and insight into composition, production and all things music-making. If you want to develop your own journey in music, check out our full range of courses in London, Los Angeles and online, and read on for our top 3 FFLs if 2017!

How to Create Classic Sounds With Your Synth

Emulating some of dance music’s classic sounds is something many of us try to do in our own productions. This video demonstrates how to reconstruct some of dance music’s most well-known synth sounds, including the huge reece bass from Renegade’s ‘Terrorist’ and the ever-popular organ stab from Robyn S’ ‘You’ve Got To Show Me Love’.

Using the Arturia Oberheim Sem V

In this FFL, Point Blank instructor, Paul Ressell, gives us the low-down on Arturia’s software emulation one of the world’s best-loved classic hardware synths, Tom Oberheim’s SEM. From basic patches to evolving pads, here we cover everything that makes this synth not just an emulation of a classic, but a fantastic synth in its own right.

How to Master a Dance Track – Tips and Techniques

Mastering a dance track can be one of the most difficult and humbling experiences in music production – so much so that producing and mastering are often treated as separate entities. In this video, Anthony Chapman takes us through some neat tips and techniques to provide people in the mastering process with some clarity.

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