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Watch Live Point Blank Masterclasses From Sonopro in Barcelona

Earlier today, Point Blank Creative Director JC Concato kicked off the Future Music Forum (FMF) international music conference with two masterclasses, one in mixing and one in mastering. This series of masterclasses was free to attend for all Future Music Forum Delegates as a three way partnership between Point Blank, Sonopro and FMF.  This is just one of many events Point Blank has been a part of this year, with our instructors holding workshops and masterclasses all over the world at events including Sonar +D, Seazone, Palm Expo & IMS Colllege Malta.
For the first masterclass, JC discussed mixing, drawing on his extensive industry experience to share his essential tips and tricks. Using seminal Trip-Hop group Massive Attack’s ‘Unfinished Sympathy’ as an example, JC detailed how he uses effects and employs classic mixing techniques to ensure he gets the best blend out of the stems, which were recorded in an exclusive session at our London School as part of our BA (Hons) Music Production and Sound Engineering degree.
For the second masterclass, JC shifted the focus to mastering, using recent Point Blank Music release ‘Hold On’ by Revilo as the demo track. Discussing his typical approach to mastering and listing some his favourite plugins, JC answered questions from the audience as the masterclass progressed, giving them a 360 view of the mastering process.

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