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Watch the First Video in Our New Series: Ableton Live 10 In Depth – Using Capture

In a new series, we take a look at Ableton Live 10 in depth with Thomas Glendenning, our resident Ableton whizz in London and certified Ableton trainer. For the first video, the focus is on perhaps the most simple new feature of Live 10, and almost certainly the most revolutionary: Capture. It allows you to record midi sounds after-the-fact, even if you forget to hit record, opening a world of possibility for freer jamming. Thomas teaches Introduction to Music Production (Ableton) with us here in London which, as well as acting as a standalone course, is an integral part of our degree and diploma programmes, both in London and online.

After a short intro from Thomas, we dive into the demonstration, which is directly taken from the course materials for Intro to Music Production (Ableton). As we can see, it allows for a more organic way of recording sounds by eliminating the need to figure out exactly what you might have played while jamming, also taking off some pressure when recording a take. It does this by constantly listening to your session, as long as the midi track is record-armed. It will automatically guess your tempo and a suggestion as to where you want to loop the clip, and you can even overdub using capture as well, simply hitting the button again after playing over your original clip. Watch the video for some more in-depth information about what it can do.

Want to learn how to use Ableton from expert instructors like Thomas? As well as the ITP course, we offer much longer and comprehensive courses, foremost among them our new BA (Hons) in Music Production and DJ Practice, and BA (Hons) in Music Production and Sound Engineering. You can also take the latter as an online degree from anywhere in the world. We offer courses covering production techniques like these at all of our schools, which are completed by Los Angeles, Ibiza and Mumbai. Any questions? Please get in touch.

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