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Sample our Brand New BA (Hons) Online Degree Programme | Week 2: Music Composition

We’ve updated our sample courses to include a taster of our Online BA (Hons) in Music Production and Sound Engineering degree course. The course consists of eight modules included in the full online degree programme, designed to give you a taste of what you can expect when you study online with us. Each week for the next eight weeks we’ll be giving you a taste of what each module entails, as well as showing you one of the videos from the corresponding module’s course materials. Don’t forget, we also have a host of online courses besides our BA (Hons) degree programme – head to our online school for the full list.

In week two we move on to the second module: Music Composition. Take a look at our example video from the course below, which is a look at the compositional make-up of Julio Bashmore’s mammoth hit ‘Battle For Middle You’. To jump into the sample courses yourself, head here to see what’s on offer and get a flavour of the quality, style and content you can expect when studying online with Point Blank. Remember though, this is only a taster… to get the full experience complete with live interaction with tutors, forum interaction with fellow students and assignment feedback, you’ll have to enrol on a live course!

Week 2 is all about composition, the second example module in our free sample. As so many budding producers have discovered, learning your DAW and the surrounding language is just the beginning. You still have to come up with some ideas… Many people will maintain that creativity can’t be taught, and while the jury is still out on that, it’s 100% true that learning the tenets of composition will enable you to better communicate your ideas, and may well help them materialise.

So to break down the module into its relevant parts, students learn the theory behind rhythm, chords, basslines and riffs, before moving on to look at the theory of writing melody and songs as well as arrangement and, importantly, finishing tracks. For the sample course, we’ve included a lesson on chords more complicated than standard triads, an aural test as well as the exercise that accompanies the ‘Battle For Middle You’ video above.

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