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5 Best Creative Plugins to Level up Your Tracks

Looking for ways to add interest to a simple sound? From chorus and long reverbs to unique filtering effects, plugins can be a great way to add a new texture to a bland loop or simple sequence. Today we’re breaking down our favourite effects to spark inspiration and take your track into new territory.

SketchCassette II by Aberrant DSP

Inspired by old cassette recorders, SketchCasette II is the perfect tool for all your lo-fi needs. From a subtle warble to extreme untamed saturation, this nifty plugin works a treat on keyboards, guitars, and dusty drum loops. The fun hand-drawn style interface gives you a satisfying amount of control to add hiss, saturation, wow & flutter and choose between 12 meticulously modelled tape types. Fitted with 61 factory presets, you will never tire of finding new ways to use it.

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WOW2 By Sugar Bytes

Berlin-based Sugar Bytes brings you your one-stop shop for filtering in the form of WOW2.

This unique unit finds a way of combining filtering with a myriad of distortion options and a wobble generator. For building out transitions or completely transforming sections of your arrangement, you can get creative with automation to raise your tracks to the next level.

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PanMan by Soundtoys

Are you looking to spice up a dull percussion section?  PanMan by Soundtoys allows you to get rhythmic with your panning and add a new element of movement to your track in just a few clicks. You can choose from 6 different panning modes and even design your own rhythmic patterns. Once you get your hands on this plugin, it will quickly become a go-to staple in your arsenal.

Murda Melodies by Slate Digital

Made in partnership with legendary Hip-Hop producer Murda Beatz, the Slate Digital Murda Melodies plugin allows you many sonic possibilities to transform your loops. The interface gives you access to 8 effects knobs including an icy reverb, reversing delay, and fiery saturation. The plugin even comes with over 50 impressive presets and easily adjustable high and low pass filters, ideal for carving out space in your instrumental for a vocal or lead.

RC-20 Retro Color by XLN Audio

Last but not least on our list is the highly praised RC-20 Retro Color by XLN Audio. This plugin combines six different effect modules to add warmth and grit to any overly pristine track elements. The modules work great both on their own and in series and include a bit crusher, a saturation unit, and a noise generator with a range of different noise types.

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