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Social Media And Branding For Artists with Tom Leek (NYX Agency)

In this week’s masterclass, Tom Leek, co-founder of NYX Agency, shared his expertise on social media and branding. As a 360-degree marketing agency, NYX Agency helps clients engage with their fans across multiple touch points, including social media, SEO, and paid ad campaigns. With clients like Adiel, Anfisa Letyago, Andrea Olivia, and Sam Wolfe, Tom knows what it takes to engage fans on every platform.

During the session, Tom kicked off by emphasizing the importance of building a brand bible to guide content creation. This set of guidelines ensures that all posts and content align with your brand’s identity. He also recommended staying consistent on a few platforms and choosing the right ones instead of feeling the need to be everywhere and potentially less consistent across more.

If all this talk of branding makes you passionate about managing other artists and helping them with their brand, Point Blank offers a Music Industry Management degree program that can help you get to the top. Designed and taught by industry professionals who have worked with some of the most prominent labels (Virgin (EMI), Mercury Records, Universal, and Sony Music) and artists (Basement Jaxx, Blue, Atomic Kitten, Robert Plant, and Natalie Imbruglia) in the industry, this course is perfect for those interested in A&R, artist branding or setting up and running their own label.

Tom provided valuable insights into creating authentic content and looking to other accounts and niches for inspiration, like the NBA or sports channels. He encouraged creators to avoid only selling (tickets, merchandise) and instead creating bespoke content with the aim of entertaining your audience and bringing them into your world as an artist or producer. This approach helps your brand stand out and attracts a loyal fanbase. At Point Blank, our degree courses like Music Production and Vocal Performance aim to cover every aspect of working in the music industry in 2023, including modules like ‘Marketing on a budget’ so you can get even more in-depth lessons on branding and the topics covered in this week’s masterclass.

When discussing Instagram, Tom shared best practices for high engagement and getting the algorithm on your side,  utilizing features like polls and QnA, reminders, and running ads on well-performing videos. He also discussed the importance of putting different content on each platform to give your fans a reason to follow you in different places.

Towards the end of the session, as he opened up for Q&A, Tom answered various questions about how to balance workload between producing music and working on improving one’s craft, while still being consistent on social media. He provided practical solutions such as utilizing a content calendar and planning in advance. Tom also highlighted that social media is not the only key to success as an artist. At Point Blank, we offer valuable resources that are key to success such as access to a vast network and a like-minded community that can help catapult your career to the next level. In addition to this, we provide exclusive weekly masterclasses, just like the one Tom delivered, to give our students an edge in the industry. If you’re interested in learning more about our degree courses, visit this page here. You can also access Tom’s full presentation here.

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