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7 Songs by LGBTQ+ Artists You Should Be Listening to This Pride Month

While many associate Pride month with big companies changing their logos to rainbow colors or city-wide Pride Parades being celebrated across the world, it’s actually much more. Pride month comes with an array of celebrations – including dance parties and more. What many don’t know is pride is actually a huge theme within the EDM community. With that being said, here are 7 songs you should be listening to by LGBTQ+ artists.

1. Moore Kismet, WYN – ‘Rumor’

Trans and non-binary artist Moore Kismet released this powerful track prior to Pride month last year. The song is about their experience coming out at the age of 14. “I was receiving a lot of hatred and unkindness from people who I didn’t even know saying that I shouldn’t exist, that I should repent, that I was using my sexuality and gender identity for clout, and other horrible things.” In a press release, they wrote: “I hope that anyone who listens to ‘Rumor’ can find the strength within them to push past the hatred, the struggles, and the hardships.

2. Rezz, Subtronics – ‘Puzzle Box’

This track by Isabelle Rezazadeh aka Rezz and Subtronics is another great song to dance to for Pride month. With its heavy bass and unique sound, Subtronics and Rezz bring to life the strong middle ground between the mechanized chaos of a Subtronics track and the minimal, calculated darkness of Rezz’s music.

3. Mz Worthy – ‘Feel It’

The Dirtybird co-founder, who has previously come out as transgender and non-binary, recently released this invigorating track, just in time for Pride month and summer. Mz Worthy‘s dance-worthy house anthem is sure to get you up and moving all summer long.

4. Honey Dijon -‘Work (feat. Dave Giles II, Cor.Ece. & Mike Dunn)’

Honey Dijon has notoriously been a vocal advocate for trans rights and awareness, speaking from her experience as a black trans woman DJ in dance music. Listen to this track as another way to celebrate this month.

5. Kaytranada – ‘10%’

Kaytranada is another notable figure in the LGBTQ+ community. In April 2016, Kaytranada released an article in the online magazine The Fader where he announced that he is gay. He’s known for his two Grammy Awards for Best Dance Recording and Best Electronic Album. This song is another jam you’ll want to add to your Pride month playlist.

6. GRiZ, CloZee – ‘Color Of Your Soul’

By taking on a fusion of heavy bass and trap styles and combining them with the perfect blend of soulful jazz-funk, GRiZ has succeeded in creating a unique genre of his own and can often be found performing at massive music festivals across North America, with a full DJ set up in addition to his live saxophone and vocals. This track with CloZee is sure to get you up and dancing. To check out our masterclass with GRiZ, head here.

7. QRTR – ‘Fractals’

The Brooklyn-based DJ, QRTR, is another must-listen for Pride month. DJ Mag describes QRTR’s music as a meeting between “art house film composer and basement rave.” Her unique sound is one to be reckoned with and celebrated this Pride month.

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