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A Deep Dive into the Roland Cloud’s Jupiter 8 Software Synthesizer with Senior Curriculum Developer Risa T

In this week we’re thrilled to unveil a special video in collaboration with one of our esteemed industry partners, Roland Cloud. In this insightful video, our Senior Curriculum Developer, Risa T, meticulously explores the version 2 features of Roland Cloud’s Jupiter 8 software synthesizer.

Throughout the video, Risa emphasized the Jupiter 8 software’s authenticity, highlighting how it’s not just a digital representation but a faithful recreation of the original instrument. She delved into Roland’s analog circuit behavior technology, explaining its role in emulating the classic analog sounds that made the Jupiter 8 iconic.

One of the standout features Risa discussed was the addition of the undo and redo buttons, tools that greatly enhance the user experience by allowing for swift and convenient editing of parameters. She also introduced viewers to the new search feature in the browse view, a game-changer that enables efficient patch browsing using specific keywords.

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Risa’s exploration of the circuit mod control was particularly enlightening. She explained how this feature introduces a unique kind of sonic unevenness or expressiveness by simulating analog components drifting out of spec. This, she noted, adds an extra layer of authenticity to the sound.

She also touched upon the new bank with 64 patches, emphasizing its potential to revolutionize sound design by incorporating circuit modifications into the sonic character of the patches. Additionally, Risa highlighted the organized layout of the patch manager window, a feature that resonates with producers who appreciate a structured workflow.

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