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Alumni Spotlight: CORSINI (Timeless Moment, Grand Factory, Nicole Moudaber)

Meet CORSINI, a Point Blank Music School graduate who’s making waves in the electronic music scene. After honing his skills in our classrooms, CORSINI has taken the electronic music world by storm, showcasing his talent from the vibrant clubs of Beirut to the global stages of the music industry. His latest achievements include warming up for Nicole Moudaber (who is also a former Point Blank graduate!) at Grand Factory and releasing tracks with the prestigious Timeless Moment label. Let’s dive into his journey and insights, tracing his path from a passionate student to a rising star in the music world.

CORSINI performing at the Grand Factory in Beirut

Q: Can you share your most memorable performance?

A: Performing at the Grand Factory in Beirut, especially warming up for Nicole Moudaber, was an electrifying experience. The energy of the crowd and the thrill of sharing my music on such a platform was unforgettable.

Q: How has your education at Point Blank influenced your music career?

A: Point Blank played a pivotal role in my growth as an artist. It was there that I really dived into sound design and mixing, discovering my passion for progressive/melodic techno. The hands-on experience and industry insights I gained have been invaluable.

Q: What led to your break with Timeless Moment?

A: I’ve always admired Timeless Moment for their quality and the artists they support. After honing my sound, I felt ready to approach them. It was a mix of persistence, showcasing my unique sound, and the right timing that led to my tracks being released with them.

Q: Any advice for current Point Blank students?

A: Stay curious and open to exploring all genres of music. Use your time at Point Blank to experiment and find your unique sound. Networking is crucial, so take advantage of the opportunities to connect with industry professionals.

Point Blank graduate, Nicole Moudaber performing at the Grand Factory

Q: What’s next for you?

A: I’m planning a global tour and working on some exciting collaborative projects. There’s a lot on the horizon, and I’m eager to continue pushing the boundaries of my music.

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