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Creative Remix Techniques: Changing Chords & Progressions w/ Risa T

In the world of music production, the art of remixing is not just about altering a track; it’s about reimagining it entirely. We explore this concept in our latest video, where we tackle the remix of “Old School Struggling” by All Day Breakfast Cafe from South London known for their all-female ensemble and dynamic disco vibes . Their music, particularly the track in question, captures the essence of old-school vibes mixed with contemporary struggles, making it a ripe candidate for an innovative remix. Risa T, our Senior Curriculum Developer takes the reins on this one with the use of Logic Pro X. This video is an except from our module, Creative Remix and Production which is part of our Music Production degrees. If you’re interested in learning more about getting the most out of your remixes, check out our wide range of courses here.

The journey begins with an analysis of the original track, identifying its hook as the centrepiece for the remix. This catchy segment, “Old School Struggling”, embodies the track’s spirit and serves as the anchor around which the remix evolves. Considering the importance of the hook, the remix aims to highlight and experiment with it, potentially through vocal chops and repetition, to ensure it stands out even more. The exploration of chord progressions and key changes further illustrates the remix’s complexity. The original track’s shift from F minor to C minor provides a mixture of emotions and tonalities, offering a playground for creativity in the remix. By experimenting with darker chord progressions and varying rhythmic structures, the remix aims to add depth and a new perspective to the track, keeping it rooted in its original key yet distinct in its feel.

In essence, this remix project is not just a technical exercise; it’s an artistic endeavour that pays homage to the original while venturing into unexplored territories. It’s about pushing boundaries, experimenting with sounds, and, most importantly, keeping the spirit of “Old School Struggling” alive in a new form. For aspiring producers and remix enthusiasts, this project serves as a  in the art of remixing, demonstrating the meticulous process of transforming a classic track into something uniquely your own.

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