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Delve Into Phaeleh’s Live Show in This Live Performance Breakdown @ PB London + XOYO

Over his decade-long career, Phaeleh has become synonymous with a widescreen brand of club music with an epic scope. The post-millennial landscape of British electronic music – dubstep, garage, house – are all refracted through his unique lens to create the gorgeous soundscapes personified by his 2010 classic ‘Afterglow’. The Bristol producer and live performer has gone on to start his own label, Undertow and released the critically acclaimed ambient LP, ‘Illusion of the Tale’. We were delighted to welcome him to Point Blank in London to make this insightful video. If you’d like to learn how to craft intricate and varied live performances, our Diploma courses and Degree Programme in London include a module on electronic music performance, as does our new online BA (Hons) Music Production &  Sound Engineering degree.

In a delightfully frank and light-hearted video, Phaeleh aka Matt Preston talks us through his live set-up and artistic practice and invites us to film some of his sold-out show at London’s XOYO. In the studio, we get a glimpse of how he uses Max for Live as he stresses the importance of the human element of performing. Essentially he uses his recorded tracks and stems as a source, triggered via his Livid console, and will then jam around on his various bits of kit from Roland and Korg to add an improvisational edge. One of the key things for Preston is to ensure the portability of his touring equipment – for him, mistakes and imperfections are all part of what makes a live set interesting for both artist and audience.

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