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DJ Ravine talks EDM & Club Culture in China, as Point Blank Set to Launch in Hangzhou

As we announced earlier this month, Point Blank is headed to the Far East to begin a new chapter in Hangzhou, China. In a new partnership with NetEase FEVER, a company which uses education, events and production to further the reach of dance music across China, Point Blank will open up its first ever electronic music school in the region. With club culture and the EDM scene rapidly growing in the nation, including DJ Mag listing 7 of its clubs in their Top 100 Clubs lineup, the opening of Point Blank China in the summer of 2019 will come at a pinnacle time for the education of electronic music, DJing and more in Eastern Asia.

Below, our very own DJ Ravine will take you on a journey to China covering the East Asian nation’s EDM scene, it’s rise in club and festival popularity, the NetEase FEVER press conference in Shanghai and of course, the plans for our new institution.

The new school’s initial focus will revolve around a year-long Music Production & Sound Engineering Diploma which will include the likes of music production, DJ skills, music composition, sound design, sound engineering, the art of mixing, audio for games, mastering and more. Following this, the school’s intention is to deliver its BA (Hons) Music Production & Sound Engineering degree direct from Point Blank China in Hangzhou.

As well as the opening of our highly anticipated Point Blank China, we offer courses both off and online with institutions in LondonLos Angeles, Ibiza and Mumbai.

Point Blank has always prided itself on being innovative, edgy and adventurous – just like the music it promotes and teaches. If you want to become a music production expert in Point Blank’s newest school in China next year, contact for more details, or give us a call on +44 020 7729 4884.

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