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Point Blank Shines at Latest External Examiners Report

As with all Higher Education providers, each year we are subject to an external examiners report to verify that our standards of teaching are of the highest quality. We value their feedback highly, as it’s another benchmark against the industry standard for us to measure ourselves by, and we relish any opportunity to show off the tools and practices put in place so that our students experience the very finest educational environment. This year the assessors came back with a glowing report – so we thought we’d share some of their feedback with you. Read some quotes below for an idea of what they said and don’t forget to check out our range of higher education courses here.

External evaluations are carried out by the degree-awarding body at each HE provider (in our case Middlesex University) which then feeds back to the Quality Assurance Agency as well as the senior faculty at the university. They also provide us with recommendations for our practices to ensure we run with the utmost efficiency and fairness. Our evaluators are Lee Richardson and Ken Foreman, who are highly experienced in music education.

This year, both evaluators were impressed with our progress on last year, the implementation of their recommendations from 2017 and the education provided in general. Both were particularly impressed by the changes to our groundbreaking Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). The VLE is our propriety online platform which provides students with a blended learning experience, balancing the flexibility of online learning with the access to our award-winning physical music schools. And as it’s been developed specifically for Point Blank, it is tailored closely to the specific needs of our students. The VLE underwent a significant overhaul early in the calendar year, with Lee singling us out as the finest example of online schooling he has ever seen.

Lee Richardson:

“The VLE delivery has vastly improved again and it must be praised… I cannot comment any more favourably about this aspect, it is the best example of online delivery I have seen in higher education.

“It is with great pleasure that I really congratulate what the team at Point Blank have done in the last year to develop the online delivery of their higher education courses – it has been a huge leap forward”

Ken Foreman:

“Feedback is detailed and addressed directly to the student, with many examples of good practice in terms of developmental comments to help the student perform better”.

“The Point Blank VLE is an excellent platform for online teaching and learning with a very good student interface and high-quality resources.”

As you can imagine, we’re extremely proud of the feedback received and every aspect of the company has worked hard to help achieve it. We hope this fills you with as much confidence in our school as it does us. Our degree programmes include our BAs with honours in Music Production and Sound Engineering and Music Production and DJ Practice. You can also study the former Online. We are also launching a new degree in Music Industry Management in the coming year. All are quality-assured by Middlesex University. If you’re interested, would like help in applying or to book a studio tour, please get in touch.

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