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Highlights from NAMM 2024

Wasn’t able to attend NAMM this year? Don’t worry, we got you! We’re here to give you a recap of some of our favorite highlights from NAMM 2024, the world’s largest music trade show. From new partnerships and cutting-edge gear to thrilling events and epic new initiatives, NAMM 2024 did not disappoint. Join us as we dive into the highlights of this year’s event and discover what’s in store for the music industry.

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What’s New from Our Partners

With so many great partners in attendance this year, it was hard to catch up with everyone. But here are some of the standouts from our partners at NAMM 2024:

  • Pioneer DJ came with some heat! One of the standout products is the DJM-A9, which is being hailed as the new club standard. This professional-grade mixer boasts stunning clear sound quality, allowing DJs to deliver an unparalleled audio experience to their audiences. The evolved playability of the DJM-A9 is evident with increased spacing around the EQ knobs, enabling seamless mixing and effortless control. Another exciting feature is the Sound Color FX with the world’s first Center Lock knob, bringing a new level of creativity to DJs by allowing them to adjust the effects precisely. Additionally, the DJM-A9 boasts newly advanced Beat FX, giving DJs access to a wide range of dynamic effects to elevate their performances.

In addition to the DJM-A9, Pioneer DJ also introduced their new “AlphaTheta” line. This name represents the fusion of Pioneer DJ and Atomix Productions, creating a powerful alliance of technology and innovation.

Another exciting addition to Pioneer DJ’s lineup is the OMNIS-DUO all-in-one DJ system. This portable and highly playable system is perfect for DJs on the go. Equipped with a built-in battery, the OMNIS-DUO allows DJs to perform without the constraints of power outlets, offering true freedom of movement. The system also offers flexible audio output options, ensuring compatibility with various setups and environments. Bluetooth audio functionality enables DJs to effortlessly stream music from their devices, while the support for multiple music sources ensures seamless integration with different platforms. The OMNIS-DUO is the perfect companion for DJs who value both portability and versatility in their performances.

  • Focusrite highlighted their Scarlett 4th generation line, which has already made a significant impact by winning the esteemed 2024 Sound On Sound Award. This range of audio interfaces features remote-controlled 4th Generation preamps that deliver unparalleled sound quality. With studio-quality Hi-Z and line inputs, musicians can easily connect their instruments and achieve pristine recordings. The flagship converters ensure exceptional audio conversion, capturing every nuance of the performance with incredible clarity. The Scarlett 4th generation line also boasts innovative features such as the auto-gain function, which intelligently sets the input levels for optimal recording, and the clip-safe function, protecting recordings from distortion.

With the addition of the Air mode, users can add that classic analog sound to their recordings with a single button press. Furthermore, this series offers a remarkable 120dB dynamic range and loopback functionality, making it an invaluable tool for both professional studios and home recording setups. Focusrite’s Scarlett 4th generation line continues to redefine what is possible in high-quality audio interfaces, cementing their reputation as a leading brand in the industry.

  • Apogee wowed us with their impressive lineup of audio gear. One standout product is the BOOM audio interface. This powerful interface is designed to deliver studio-quality audio recordings with ease. Featuring Apogee’s renowned PureDIGITAL technology, the BOOM ensures pristine sound capture from microphones and instruments. With its dual-channel design, users can simultaneously record vocals and instruments or stereo sources with exceptional precision and clarity. The BOOM interface also offers ultra-low latency, allowing for seamless real-time monitoring. Its comprehensive I/O options, including XLR and 1/4″ inputs, provide versatile connectivity for various studio setups.

Additionally, the BOOM interface is equipped with customizable touch controls, enabling users to effortlessly access and adjust key settings. Whether you’re a professional producer or a home recording enthusiast, the Apogee BOOM audio interface is a powerful tool that unlocks the full potential of your music production journey.


NAMM 2024 showcased some truly unique gear and inspiring initiatives that had us smiling with intrigue. Let’s take a look at a few standout examples:

  • The John Lennon Educational Tour Bus: The John Lennon Educational Tour Bus is a one-of-a-kind mobile recording and multimedia studio that travels across the United States, Canada, and Europe. Its mission is to provide young people with free access to music and video production lessons, empowering them to express their creativity and develop valuable skills. The bus is equipped with state-of-the-art music and video production equipment, including recording studios, cameras, and editing stations. Young artists have the opportunity to work with professional engineers and producers to create their own original music, videos, and multimedia projects. The bus also features a Lennon Bus Live Lounge, where artists can perform and showcase their talents. Additionally, the tour bus hosts workshops and events in partnership with schools, organizations, and music festivals.

There are various ways to get involved, including participating in their programs, attending workshops, and supporting their mission through donations or sponsorship. The John Lennon Educational Tour Bus is an incredible initiative that honors John Lennon’s legacy by providing a platform for young musicians and creators to realize their artistic visions and inspire generations to come.

  • We Are Moving The Needle: A nonprofit organization that supports women in the recording industry, including professionals, audio engineers, and producers. Their inclusive mission is to empower women in the recording and professional audio field by providing education, equipment, and mentorship opportunities to help them succeed at the highest levels. They aim to bridge the gender gap in the music industry.

Their organization is forward-facing and invites individuals of all genders to participate. They offer scholarships and grants to music technology and recording programs, educational programming, donated recording equipment, and access to mentorship through their “SoundBoard” members. Additionally, they provide dedicated internships and entry-level positions for our award recipients and applicants, ensuring continued growth and progress for future generations in the recording industry.

  • Solodome: They had no business making the coolest chair in the history of furniture. Solodome is a leading company that specializes in creating immersive audio solutions. At the event, they showcased their state-of-the-art Solodome chairs, taking auditory experiences to unprecedented heights. These groundbreaking chairs are designed to envelop the listener in a 360-degree sound environment. With built-in precision speakers strategically positioned throughout the chair, users can immerse themselves in vibrant, multidimensional audio. The chairs feature advanced technologies such as head tracking, allowing the sound to dynamically follow the listener’s movements and create a truly immersive soundstage. Moreover, the Solodome chairs offer personalized control options, enabling users to fine-tune and optimize their listening experience.

Whether for music enthusiasts, audiophiles, or professionals in the entertainment industry, Solodome chairs set a new standard in audio immersion, delivering an extraordinary auditory journey that must be experienced to be fully appreciated. Solodome’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of sound technology firmly establishes them as a leading player in the immersive audio market.

  • AEA Ribbon Microphones: A southern California neighbor of Point Blank L.A., AEA Ribbon Microphones, showcased their exceptional line of ribbon microphones at NAMM 2024. With a commitment to capturing sound in its purest form, AEA Ribbon Microphones has gained a stellar reputation in the industry. Their mics are known for their exceptional craftsmanship and stunning sonic quality.

Among their popular models is the R44, an iconic microphone that harks back to the classic RCA 44 design. Its warm and smooth sound character makes it a favorite choice for applications such as vocals, brass, and strings. Another standout from AEA is the A440, a versatile microphone designed for a wide range of recording tasks, including music production, broadcast, and voiceovers. The AEA Ribbon Microphones lineup also includes the N8, a compact and versatile microphone perfect for drum overheads, acoustic guitars, and piano. With their meticulous attention to detail and commitment to producing world-class ribbon microphones, AEA Ribbon Microphones continue to set the standard for capturing rich and natural sound in professional audio recording.

Out of breath yet? Same here, NAMM 2024 was a whirlwind of innovation, talent, and eccentricity. The event undoubtedly showcased the immense growth and potential of the music industry. And If you’re passionate about creating music and want to take your skills to the next level, enroll in our Music Production, Songwriting, or DJ programs today and unlock your full potential!

Here’s to the future of music and the exciting possibilities that lie ahead. Keep pushing boundaries, following your passion, and making incredible music. Point Blank is here to support you every step of the way.

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