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Elevate Your Skills with Point Blank’s New Piano, Guitar, and Bass Courses

Are you eager to dive into the world of music creation? Point Blank is thrilled to introduce our latest courses in Piano, Guitar, and Bass, now available in London and LA! Whether you dream of mastering the keys, rocking out on the guitar, or laying down the groove on the bass, we’ve got the perfect course for you. These programmes are designed to offer a blend of essential beginner skills and creative intermediate skills, tailored for musicians at different stages of their journey. Ready to embark on an unforgettable musical adventure? Explore our courses here and start your journey today!

Our instrument courses are available in three distinct formats to suit every stage of your musical journey. The ‘Essential Skills’ option lays the foundation, equipping you with fundamental techniques and the confidence to perform. For those looking to delve deeper, the ‘Creative Skills’ course offers an intermediate level experience, focusing on practical techniques and advanced music theory to enhance your abilities. The comprehensive ‘Award’ courses combine both, providing a full spectrum learning experience that ensures you leave ready to captivate audiences and truly rock the stage! Take a look at our award offerings below.

Piano Keyboard Award

This six-month Piano Keyboard Award course at Point Blank London covers everything from essential basics to creative flair. Designed for those passionate about mastering the piano, the course is delivered in small, focused groups by professional keyboardists and producers. It’s tailored to cultivate skills necessary for various roles, including session pianists and band members. This course is your gateway to stunning keyboard performances and a deeper understanding of musical intricacies.

Guitar Award

The Guitar Award course, offered over six months at Point Blank London, is a comprehensive program for guitar enthusiasts. It integrates essential and advanced guitar skills, perfect for those aiming to excel as session guitarists, performers or even hobbyists. The course is conducted in intimate group settings, enabling focused learning and skill development. Graduates emerge with the capability to deliver compelling guitar performances in both live shows and recording studios.

Bass Award

The Bass Award course at Point Blank London, spanning six months, is perfect for budding bassists. It combines fundamental and creative bass skills, offering a deep dive into both performance and technique. Taught by professional bassists in small groups, it provides a comprehensive learning path from basic skills to stage-ready performances. Ideal for those aspiring to be session bass guitarists or performers, this course equips you with the finesse needed for both live and studio settings.

As a Point Blank student, you also gain exclusive access to a comprehensive Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), packed with a plethora of free modules, resources, and interactive forums designed to enhance and support their educational journey. From bespoke 1-2-1 sessions with industry experts, access to a wide range of events and masterclasses, to opportunities for real-world industry experience, we provide an enriching platform to help you reach your full potential in the music industry.

Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to elevate your musical skills at Point Blank London. Whether you choose the Piano, Guitar, or Bass course, our dedicated instructors and vibrant community are here to support your journey. Ready to transform your passion into expertise? Enrol now in our new Piano, Guitar, and Bass courses and let your musical dreams take flight! Looking for something similar but in LA? Check out our Piano, Guitar, and Bass courses over there!

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