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Point Blank L.A.’s New Piano, Guitar, and Bass Programs!

Point Blank L.A. is thrilled to announce the launch of our latest program tracks, including our Essential Beginner Skills courses in Piano, Guitar, and Bass, as well as our second-tier Creative Intermediate Skills courses for each also. Whether you dream of tickling the ivories, shredding on the guitar, or grooving on the bass, we’ve got you covered!

At Point Blank L.A., we believe that music education should be exciting, engaging, and immersive. That’s why we’re offering small group classes in our Piano, Guitar, and Bass courses. You’ll be taught in groups of just 8 students, allowing for personalized instruction and a dynamic learning atmosphere. As a graduate you’ll come away with the power to deliver great keyboard performances on stage or in a studio, and you’ll join a global alumni community. Now, let’s give you a taste of what each program has to offer!

Piano Keyboard Award

Unlock your inner pianist with our new Piano Keyboard Skills courses! Dive into the world of professional piano playing and discover the secrets behind captivating performances. In our small group classes, limited to just 8 students, you’ll receive personalized instruction that maximizes your learning potential. Immerse yourself in our two courses, Essential Piano Keyboard Skills and Creative Piano Keyboard Skills, and gain the expertise needed to deliver outstanding keyboard performances on any stage or in a studio. Learn from our esteemed pro pianists and producers, and receive focused instruction that will elevate your piano playing to new heights.

Guitar Award

Ready to become a guitar hero? Sign up for Point Blank L.A.’s Guitar Skills courses. Prepare to be blown away as you discover the secrets to performing like a professional guitarist. In these immersive programs, you’ll be part of small, intimate groups that foster an optimal learning environment for maximum growth. Our courses will equip you with the tools and techniques to deliver mind-blowing guitar performances on any stage or in a studio. With expert guidance from professional guitarists, you’ll receive personalized and focused instruction that will ignite your guitar playing to legendary heights. Get ready to rock the world like never before!

Bass Award

Unleash the Groove! Master the bass and unlock your full potential by enrolling in our Bass Skills courses. Our small group classes, limited to just 8 students, ensure a personalized and immersive learning experience. Through our two courses, Essential Bass Skills and Creative Bass Skills, you’ll unlock the secrets to delivering jaw-dropping bass performances on any stage or in a studio. With the guidance of our expert bassists, you’ll receive dedicated and focused instruction that will refine your bass playing to professional-level perfection.

Whether you choose Piano, Guitar, or Bass, our expert instructors, small group classes, and global alumni community will support you every step of the way. So, what are you waiting for? Don’t miss out on this opportunity to take your musical skills to new heights. Enroll in Point Blank L.A.’s new Piano, Guitar, and Bass programs today and let the melodies begin!

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