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How To Make Money As A Musician – Music Futures Panel 2023

On Thursday, April 20th,  we proudly hosted Music Futures 2023, our much-anticipated annual networking and careers event, held at the acclaimed Fabric in London. The event brought together both the past, present, and potential students, providing an unparalleled platform to network with established professionals in the music industry. Award-winning South London-based DJ and radio host Rosie Riot led a panel discussion that included Molly Johnson from Sentric Music, DJ and producer Samantha Togni, founder of Boudica, and Graham Jackson from The Musicians Union. The panelists discussed various topics, including the benefits of joining a music union, diversifying revenue streams, music publishing, and the role of authenticity in networking.

Graham Jackson from The Musicians Union began by detailing the Union’s work in representing 33,000 musicians across the UK in diverse sectors such as recording, broadcasting, live music, and theatre. Jackson highlighted the Union’s comprehensive insurance package and their provision of legal advice and assistance on a variety of issues, including copyright disputes, contract disputes, and employment matters.

At Point Blank Music School, we aim to equip our students with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate this multifaceted industry, our events like Music Futures is one of the many opportunities we provide our students on a regular basis. Our degree courses provide a comprehensive education in all aspects of music, preparing students for real-world scenarios. You can read more about our courses here.

Samantha Togni, DJ, producer, and founder of Boudica, shared her journey in creating a platform for gender minorities in music. She emphasized the importance of recognizing one’s strengths and being proactive, particularly in reaching out to potential collaborators. Her insights underscored the need for musicians to diversify their efforts, as Boudica’s portfolio extends beyond events to include workshops, talks, and even a music conference.

Meanwhile, Molly Johnson from Centric Music discussed the nuances of music publishing. Centric represents around 400,000 songwriters globally and manages approximately three million copyrights. Johnson also shared about the work of their sync team in pitching music for in-store playlists, television shows, and ads, significantly enhancing their artists’ visibility.

The panel discussion shed light on the multifaceted nature of the music industry, highlighting the need for musicians to wear multiple hats, engage in proactive networking, and maintain their authentic passion for music. With numerous avenues like teaching, live performances, and collaborations available to monetize talent, today’s musicians have an abundance of opportunities to forge a successful career.

Are you inspired by these insights and eager to carve your own path in the music industry?  Whether you’re dreaming of producing music, DJing, or starting your own record label or platform like our panelists, don’t hesitate to take the first step. Sign up for our degree courses here.

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