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How to Collab Remotely with BeatConnect

For this edition of Friday Forum Live, we were joined by BeatConnect, to showcase their innovative music production collaboration app live.

BeatConnect helps you connect your home studio to the world, bringing your tools, instruments and style to the collaboration. The app lets you share sounds and mix and create music with up to four people in a real-time shared environment, giving users a collaborative sequencer, cloud storage, video chat and more, regardless of what DAW you use. Spend more time making music and less time juggling apps and services.

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During the session, the BeatConnect team run through the latest version of the app’s key features, showing how you can collaborate on music in real-time. The trio uses the app to build a jungle track, giving a glimpse at just how easy it is to use their newly developed software.

With the advent of the new 2.1 software update by BeatConnect, they’ve added many new features which amplify the collaboration process, including video chat and sequencer enhancements. They’ve also made Premium a one-off fee of $29.95 instead of a subscription, giving you full access to their software for life. If you’re interested in trying out BeatConnect for yourself, check out their website and join their Discord.

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