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How to Get Your Music on Streaming Services – What’s the Best Music Distributor?

The evolution of the music industry has been a boon for independent artists, offering a plethora of avenues to showcase their talent without the backing of traditional record labels. Digital distribution has emerged as a powerful tool, enabling artists to share their music globally with ease. Notable artists like Ed Sheeran began their journeys independently, proving that with talent and the right platform, the sky’s the limit.

In this realm, selecting an ideal distributor is key. Let’s delve into the specifics of some top players in the market – Ditto, DistroKid, TuneCore, CD Baby, Amuse, AWAL, and United Masters:

Ditto Music

  • Benefits: Unlimited releases on major platforms, 100% royalty retention, and a suite of promotional tools.
  • Prices and Features: £19 per year, offering analytics, playlist submission options, and smart links for music promotion.


  • Benefits: Renowned for its quick distribution process, DistroKid allows for unlimited uploads and offers features like revenue splits and pre-save campaigns.
  • Prices and Features: Approximately £17.99 per year, providing services such as customizable pre-save campaigns, detailed sales tracking, and fast payouts.


  • Benefits: A broad distribution network and detailed sales data, with a range of plans tailored for artists at different career stages.
  • Prices and Features: Plans range from “Rising Artist” at £12.99/year to “Professional” at £39.99/year, offering unlimited music releases, Spotify verification, and access to promotional opportunities.

CD Baby

  • Benefits: Offers wide distribution reach, physical CD sales, and sync licensing opportunities for TV and movies.
  • Prices and Features: Charges per release, around £8.26 for a single and approximately £40 for an album, including promotional tools like CD Baby’s Music Player and HostBaby web hosting.


  • Benefits: Free distribution with an option for a record deal based on streaming performance, ideal for artists beginning their journey.
  • Prices and Features: Free plan available; “Pro” plan at approximately £49.79 per year, offering features like faster release deliveries, multiple artist profiles, and 24-hour support.


  • Benefits: Focuses on bespoke services, providing marketing support, playlist pitching, and more personalized artist development.
  • Prices and Features: Free based on submission, with a revenue share model that allows artists to access premium products and services without upfront fees.

United Masters

  • Benefits: Specializes in artist branding and partnerships, offering opportunities for brand deals and sports partnerships.
  • Prices and Features: Free basic plan; premium service with advanced analytics and support (specific GBP pricing not readily available), ideal for artists looking to expand their brand presence.

With each platform catering to different aspects of music distribution and artist development, your choice should align with your career goals and needs.

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