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iLL BLU and Danny Byrd – ‘Eyes on Me’ Drum and Bass Track Breakdown

We were lucky enough to have renowned music producers iLL BLU and Danny Byrd for this guest artist masterclass. In this video, we’ll be diving into the creative process behind the drum and bass hit “Eyes on Me,”. This track, which samples the R&B classic “Shorty” by Donell Jones, offers a unique blend of genres and a fresh take on music production. This video was shot and filmed in front of a student audience at our Point Blank London campus. If you’d like to get involved with these in the future, take a look at our degree courses and get immersed in our next masterclass.

The journey of “Eyes on Me” began with iLL BLU seeking inspiration from their favourite R&B tracks. While experimenting with Donell Jones’ “Shorty,” they envisioned flipping the song in a new, innovative way. The original version started off as a fast-paced drill song but eventually transitioned into a drum and bass tune, perfectly suited for its 168 BPM pace.

The masterclass revealed the intricate process of transforming an R&B sample into a drum and bass masterpiece. The producers discussed their use of Logic Pro X and various plugins to achieve the desired sound. Key elements of the track, such as the West Coast-style lead, massive pad sounds, and a catchy trumpet loop from Splice, were layered to form the backbone of the track.

Danny Byrd’s expertise played a crucial role in shifting the track towards a drum and bass direction. By reinforcing the existing drum layers and adding sonic depth, the song gained a new dimension. This included subtle tweaks like transient shaping, bus compression, and strategic EQ adjustments to enhance the drums’ impact.

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