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How to Make an Acid Bassline with the TB-303 by Roland Cloud

In this video, our Course Content Developer Risa T takes a closer look at the software version of the iconic TB-303 bassline synth from Roland Cloud.

Released in 1981, the TB-303 played a key role in the development of electronic music and cultural movements. It’s best known for its squelching, hypnotic sound, which was later coined as the sound of “acid”. Now, decades later, the synth is available in a software version from Roland Cloud – and we’re here to show you the ins and outs of it.

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During the tutorial, Risa creates an acid bassline with the 303 before adding drums using other Roland Cloud heavy-hitters – the TR-606 and TR-808. She gives an in-depth overview of the synth’s key features, including the controls, sequencer, modulation options and more and shows how you can easily export your bassline to MIDI. Risa fires up Roland Cloud’s TR-606 and punches in a 4×4 beat to accompany her bassline. Whilst creating her beat, she demonstrates some key features of the drum machine, showing how easy it is to shape and transform your sounds and convert your new drum loop to audio. To add the finishing touches to her track, she opens the TR-808 soft synth and creates a final drum sequence to export to the project before adding in some exciting parameter modulations.

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