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How To Make an Easy Dubstep Bass in Logic Pro X

Dubstep music over the years has become increasingly popular all around the world. The genre, which originated in South London in the late 1990s, is characterised by its heavy bass lines, aggressive beats, and intricate rhythms. It often features wobbly, modulated bass sounds and intense drops that create big, impactful moments within a track. Today, our Module Leader for Sound Design, James Malone, is breaking down how you create your very own Dubstep bass preset in Logic Pro X using the ES2 virtual analog synthesiser that comes bundled with the DAW.

He kicks things off by selecting two sine waves from the synth’s oscillators and tuning one two octaves up (+24 semitones)  and the other 2 octaves down (-24 semitones), then adds more grit to the sound by adding distortion to amplify the phasing and create more harmonic content.

Whether it’s creating a simple dubstep bass sound like this one or exploring other types of sounds like this Fat Sub Bass, learning how to create sounds from scratch using your DAW’s built-in synths can make you a more versatile producer and makes you less reliant on the newest plugins or presets. If you want to learn all there is to know about sound design, music production or composition, you can enrol in one of our music production courses today in LondonLA or online!

To further enhance your bass sound, you can get creative with the synth’s other parameters by adding a low pass filter to eliminate some high-end information or an LFO to modulate the cut-off and create the popular wobble frequently found in Dubstep bass lines.

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