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How to Set Up Your Live Stream: A Step by Step Guide w/ DJ Ravine

Whilst public spaces have been closed, events have been cancelled and social distancing has been enforced, many DJs and producers are taking to streaming to continue to provide their fans with the music they love. Being able to set up your stream is a great asset to your DJ/production tool kit and means that you’ll be able to keep your listeners locked from the comfort of their homes.

Getting your Livestream set up isn’t too difficult. Below DJ Ravine showcases the best free software you’ll need to get started as well as drop some tips and tricks on how to produce the highest quality stream possible and how to build and maintain your virtual fanbase. Want to learn more about DJing and the technical side of setting up your kit? Check out our London courses which are still available through Virtual Classroom. Plus, we’re currently offering a free extra module worth up to £1,995 when you sign up to our London courses – so be sure to enrol before this offer ends on 18th May.

During the video, DJ Ravine demonstrates exactly how to set up your live stream using OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) and lists the essential pieces of kit you’ll need to get started: a webcam (computer webcam works), an audio interface, RCA to Jack cables and a DJ Controller. It’s also important to check your internet speed to ensure your stream runs as smoothly as possible eliminating lag. He shows how to generate the stream keys for your desired platform (whether it’s Facebook, YouTube, Twitch or others), how to use your stream key with OBS and how to stream to multiple platforms simultaneously using Restream.

What You Need (Software)

  • OBS (Open Broadcaster Software)
  • Restream – If streaming to multiple platforms

What You Need (Hardware)

  • Computer (Mac or PC)
  • Webcam (computer or standalone)
  • Smart Phone (using webcam app eg. IVCam)
  • Audio Interface (Focusrite 2i2 or more)
  • RCA Cables
  • 1/4″ Jack Cables
  • DJ Controller

If you’re interested in learning more about how the technical side of music production, DJing or radio broadcasting works our courses in London and Online can help. If you have any questions about our courses don’t hesitate to contact us.

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