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How to Use Mastering Assistant in Logic Pro X 10.8

In this video, our senior curriculum developer, Risa T does a deep dive into how you can use Mastering Assistant as part of the new features in Logic Pro X 10.8. This AI powered tool can help supercharge your masters in no time at all through deep learning algorithms. This video is from our Music Production – Logic module, if you’re interested in music production, why not explore our Music Production degrees at Point Blank Music School for a deeper understanding and hands-on experience!

The Mastering Assistant in Logic Pro X 10.8 is an AI-driven feature that automatically analyses your mix, applying corrective EQ, adjusting loudness, and enhancing the stereo spread. This tool is a significant advancement in music production, offering an intuitive way for artists to polish their tracks with professional-quality mastering​​. When you activate Mastering Assistant, it immediately begins analysing your project, considering all software instruments and effects. This analysis informs its adjustments to your mix, striving to achieve a balanced and professional sound. The Mastering Assistant applies adjustments in three key areas: corrective EQ, loudness adjustment and stereo spread.

The Mastering Assistant in Logic Pro X 10.8 represents a significant leap forward in music production technology. It provides musicians and producers an intelligent, intuitive way to finalize their tracks with a professional touch. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, mastering your mix has never been easier. Eager to master the art of music production? At Point Blank Music School, we offer courses that cover everything from production basics to advanced techniques. Join us and transform your musical ideas into masterpieces. Enrol now and start your journey!

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