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PBLA Student Spotlight: James Salazar

Here at Point Blank, we’re only as successful as our students. We’re spoilt for choice when it comes to success stories and that’s why we love to highlight our student’s accomplishments. For this installment, we are shining a spotlight on Singer/Songwriter, author, Point Blank Recordings artist and Point Blank L.A. student, James Salazar.

Hey James! For those who aren’t familiar with you, could you give us an intro?

“My name is James Salazar. I was born and raised in Los Angeles. When I was in college I studied art, music and literature.

I write and illustrate children’s books. My feeling is that everyone has something to give. I believe in learning and believing in your dreams.You can accomplish wonderful things. I feel you have to have fun with what you love, because it’s a lot of trial and error. I love to swim and be around nature. I love to hear live music as much as I can, and often attend shows at the Hollywood Bowl and the music center in downtown Los Angeles. Most of all, I love people and learning new things, as well as health and keeping myself energized spiritually.”

Who are your influences or what artists you look up to?

“Living in Hollywood, movie scores are my strongest influence; from theme songs to pop and rock, as well as some (EDM). The American SongBook is a powerful influence for me, as well as theater, musicals and great singers. Some writers I look up to are: the late  Stephen Sondheim, Burt Bacharach, Michael Legrand, Johnny Mandel, and much more. I love words, and am grateful for teachers Alan and Marilyn Bergman, Randy Newman, Chloe and Mary Allouette and Point Blank L.A. ‘s Daniel Brummel. I appreciate all the great help from Point Blank’s Jay Ryall and Sergio, they are super.”

What classes are you taking at Point Blank, and what do you hope to accomplish after leaving Point Blank? 

“The classes I’ve completed at Point Blank are; music production and sound design certificate, as well as songwriting and singing and performance. Currently I’m learning guitar at Point Blank, because I love to sing and write music, and Point Blank has helped greatly.”

What has been the biggest challenge that you’ve faced while writing or creating music? 

“The biggest challenge I had was being myself and loving what I do. The funny thing is that I came to Point Blank school of music to learn music technology, but I learned that it’s okay to do any kind of music that makes you sing or feel good, like movie theme songs, ballads, and dance music. My experience at Point Blank taught me to believe and honor myself, and to keep learning. Point Blank has the most talented teachers who are awesome and I’m grateful to each of them.”

You have recently had a song released through Point Blank Recordings called, “Loves Found A Way To Say I Do,” could you give us a little backstory on the inspiration and production of the song?

“My song, “Love’s Found A Way To Say I Do,” released on Point Blank Records, was written about relationships not easily defined.

And no matter who you are or what  walk of life you come from, love is what matters. I wanted to write a song that would be sung at weddings celebrating love. Basically, among all the madness and  noise of the world we need to be reminded of love, peace, and truth.”

What’s in the pipeline? Are there any other interesting projects (personal or professional) you’re working on that you can tell us about?

“I am currently working with Kwame and Point Blank Records to develop my other songs and will continue to create and promote these beautiful songs. People can hear my songs on YouTube at my songs James Salazar

Also, I’m working on a musical and writing new songs, including more rhythm and technology, but I still love to write on acoustic piano and guitar. Most of all, my hope is to keep balanced and to keep healthy by eating well, getting rest, and never getting too stressed. Have fun, and Follow your dreams.”


Check out “Love’s Found A Way (To Say I Do)” · The Velvet Syndicate · Sam Griffiths here:

Successes such as these are common among our students and alumni. If you are looking to follow in the footsteps of James Salazar, and create beautiful music for all to love, we can help you begin with our music production and singing and songwriting programs courses in Los Angeles and London. If you’d like to learn how to produce, then we can build your skills from the ground up with our range of courses in Los Angeles and London. For those who have a hankering to do both, we offer a BA (Hons) Music Production & Vocal Performance in London as well as a range of short and longer combined diplomas in Los Angeles. For more information, you can contact us here.

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