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How to Write a K-Pop Track: BTS – ‘Blood Sweat & Tears’ Analysis

Over the last decade, Korean pop, a.k.a. K-Pop, has taken the Western world by storm. K-Pop draws influences from numerous genres from around the globe such as hip-hop, pop, EDM, R&B, jazz, house and more and blends this infectious fusion with catchy hooks and flawless dance routines. Even if you’ve never heard of K-Pop as a genre, it’s likely you’ve heard of the global phenomenon, BTS.

The Seoul seven-piece BTS currently hold the torch for K-Pop, having released the best-selling album in Korean history, Map of the Soul: Persona, charted in multiple countries, been named as the ‘Next Generation Leaders’ by Time Magazine and become the first Asian and first non-English speaking act to headline and sell out Wembley Stadium.

In the video below, Rob Lee, one of Point Blank’s Online lecturers, pulls back the curtain on BTS’ hit track ‘Blood, Sweat and Tears’, analysing the key elements which made this track so successful. Our online school offers an endless stream of track breakdowns, music production and theory tips and more. Be sure to enrol this week as our next online school term starts on Monday, 24th February.

Rob Lee kicks off our analysis by breaking down ‘Blood Sweat & Tears’ into different sections. He shines a light on the music theory behind the track, running through the notes, scales and chords used throughout the song showing exactly how each phrase comes together. This video is taken straight from our Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) which we use to host our online courses and lecturer 1-2-1s. Find out how our online school works here and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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