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IMS 2023 Masterclass: Marshall Jefferson Breaks Down ‘Move Your Body’

At this year’s International Music Summit (IMS) 2023, Point Blank Music School had the honor of running the masterclass IMS College at Destino Tox. During this event, the legendary Marshall Jefferson graced us with an insightful discussion about the creation of his iconic track, “Move Your Body.” The inspiration for this track struck Jefferson during his graveyard shifts at the post office. Drawing influence from the likes of Led Zeppelin, he delved into the technique of speeding up keyboard parts, a move that would later define the song’s unique sound.

Despite having the entire song conceptualized in his mind, the initial reception to “Move Your Body” was not as warm as one might expect. Friends and even label owner Larry Sherman were skeptical. However, the track’s destiny changed when it was played in clubs, leading to an explosive rise in its popularity. Before its official release, DJs from diverse regions, including Ibiza and the UK, had copies and were already introducing it to their audiences. This international acclaim solidified its status as a house music anthem.

As Point Blank Music School, we’re honored to be official educational partners of IMS Ibiza 2023. This partnership provided an incredible opportunity to spotlight our esteemed instructors and present a glimpse into our highly-regarded degree programs. Additionally, we run our Point Blank Ibiza school where enthusiasts can learn the art of DJing, immersing themselves in the vibrant music culture of the island. Learn more here.

Jefferson’s production process was unique and intuitive, with equal parts confidence and curiosity. He employed equipment like the Roland JX8P for the bass, Roland 707s for the drums, and the Prophet 2000 for that distinctive piano sound. Reflecting on the journey, Jefferson believes that the track’s monumental success was a harmonious blend of the right elements coming together at the right time.

The International Music Summit in Ibiza is a pivotal event in the global dance music calendar. Set against the backdrop of the clubbing mecca, it attracts leading figures and inspirational artists from across the globe. These experts share their insights, host panels, and discuss the latest trends in the industry, ensuring attendees remain at the forefront of the music world.

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