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Industry Insights: How to Run A Vinyl Only Record Label With I Love Acid

For our latest masterclass at Point Blank, we were joined by Josh Doherty, the man behind Balkan Recordings, I Love Acid and one half of the acid house and slo-mo techno duo, Posthuman, to discuss running a vinyl only record label.

I Love Acid was forged back in 2007 where it began as a club night across Europe for those with a mutual love for Roland’s iconic 1980s bass synthesizer, the TB-303. Fast forward to 2014 and the ILA movement evolved into its very own radio show and imprint. Releasing records only on vinyl, 303 copies at a time, hand stamped and hand numbered, with no digital, the label has gained notoriety for its concept and pushing hidden gems from the underground dance scene strictly on wax.

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In the video above Doherty details his experiences in heading up a vinyl only record label and the processes he uses to keep it running smoothly. From pressing records to social media marketing, networking at club nights and even his opinion on CDs, the East Londoner sheds a bright light on the ins and outs of the industry. Staying true to your vision is a strong focal point of this discussion as Doherty talks about his creative ideas and previous projects. Highlights include his series of rave records, Rave Wars, in which he sacrificed his own childhood Star Wars figurine collection as well as his run of randomly coloured vinyl releases and how he created them.

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