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Point Blank’s New Campus: A Hub for Aspiring Music Industry Moguls

At Point Blank Music School, our ethos revolves around providing an unparalleled educational journey for our students. With this vision, we’re ecstatic to unveil our brand-new campus, nestled in the bustling heart of Shoreditch, Penn Street, London. Set to launch in early 2024, this state-of-the-art facility stands as a beacon of our unwavering commitment to nurturing the next generation of music industry professionals. With this addition, Point Blank’s total facilities will encompass an impressive 30,000 sq ft, making it a sprawling hub of creativity and learning.

A look at the new student hub

The heart of our new campus is the student hub, meticulously designed as an arena for relaxation, connection, and growth. Here, students can unwind, share ideas, and glean insights that aren’t often found within course syllabuses. For those with an inclination towards event management, our live performance space offers the chance to gain hands-on experience.. Whether you’re grabbing a quick snack from the kitchenette, engaging in lively discussions with peers, or soaking in the wisdom from industry stalwarts during our regular masterclasses, the hub promises a holistic experience.

For those keen on becoming music managers or A&R’s, scouting the next big star Point Blank’s offerings extend beyond the campus. Every Point Blank student receives discounted access to premier music events, like the annual International Music Summit and, our signature career-focused event, Music Futures, featuring panels with industry experts who provide invaluable insights into making a mark in the music industry.

Scarrs (Left) and Cowan (Right) at Music Futures held at fabric. London

This year’s keynote saw Benny Scarrs, a distinguished music manager and A&R for Island Records, discussing his industry journey with Point Blank’s CEO Rob Cowan. An alumnus of Point Blank, Scarrs underscored the significant role our institution played in his career. His milestones range from signing Tinchy Stryder at Island Records to founding his famous label Neighbourhood Records. He broke down the importance of hard work, perseverance and growing relationships over the years. Beyond panels, these events offer a deep dive into the ever-evolving world of the music industry where students also benefit from hands-on stands and direct access to our esteemed partners like Roland and Spitfire Audio.

And for those ready to leap from learning to launching, Point Blank has something even more special. We offer a direct avenue to the industry through our in-house label, Point Blank Recordings. This isn’t just about releasing music—it’s a comprehensive experience. Our students receive unique mentoring sessions with industry stalwarts like Kwame Kwaten, a respected Brit Awards trustee. With the chance to pitch music for release through Point Blank Recordings, students aren’t just prepared to thrive in the music industry, but they can learn the ropes and receive regular feedback on making bigger strides throughout their careers.

An inside look at a mock up of Point Blank’s new library space.

On the academic front, our library isn’t just a repository of books. It serves as a hub for research, introspection, and discovery. Aspiring managers can sift through artist contracts, understand industry nuances, and even read about the history of music and the entertainment industry through an array of resources.

Beyond the walls of the library, the campus boasts two cutting-edge sound engineering studios, equipped with the SSL Duality Delta and SSL Origin mixing consoles. The Music Production studios, designed for creativity and collaboration, allow students to experiment and iterate. For those with an ear for talent, these spaces offer a unique opportunity: the chance to discover the next musical sensation among your peers.

A mock up of one of our new studios

Our new building also introduces six avant-garde Music Production studios. Each studio is equipped with state-of-the-art tools, ensuring students have everything they need to hone their craft. Outside of lectures, students can access nine personal recording studios, complemented by four acoustically optimised vocal booths. Available for booking seven days a week, these spaces are perfect for recording, mixing, and collaborating.

Our Music Business degree course is a journey, one that equips students with practical skills, industry insights, and a robust portfolio.

Ready to steer your future in the music industry? Dive into our degree page here and explore all our Point Blank courses.

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