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Learn Creative DJ Techniques in Ableton Live Using Modular Synthesis w/ David Harrow

When it comes to performing live as a music producer there are a number of ways to please the crowd without relying on turntables and CDJs. Whether you’re using a full live setup, implementing organic instruments into your DJ sets, using your DAW or more it always pays off to be creative and leave your gig-goers with something memorable.

In this tutorial, we’re focusing on just this. We were joined by one of our Los Angeles-based Point Blank instructors, David Harrow, to explore some exciting creative DJing techniques in Ableton Live using modular synthesis. This type of creative DJing spans multiple genres so whether your poison is trap, minimal, techno, house or anything else, you’ll be able to adapt these techniques to suit your set. This masterclass demonstrates exactly the kind of thing we teach our students in Los Angeles so if you’re interested in learning first hand from David Harrow be sure to sign up to a PBLA course. Want 20% off your PBLA course? Then sign up before December 9th to take advantage of our Black Friday offer!

David Harrow has been working in the industry for a lengthy amount of time amassing a wealth of envious credits. From his beginnings in the post-punk scene in the 80s, he has been present in groundbreaking sounds from New Wave to Neue Deutsche Welle. He dabbled in punk-dub and out-there experimentalism with On-U Sound, San-Fran Disco with giants like Sylvester, Ambient voyaging with The Orb and grubby raves with the king of chuggers Andrew Weatherall. His name even pops up in drum & bass, trance, and west-coast bass music and he landed a pop smash with Billy Ray Martin. Today his output hovers between widescreen soundscapes and percussive soundtracks, but suffice it to say there isn’t much worth knowing that David Harrow hasn’t been involved with in some way.

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