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Learn How to Score A Horror Film and Download Our Free Halloween Bundle

As October marks the month of Halloween, we thought we’d skip the trick and go right ahead with a treat. In our latest Halloween special video tutorial, we teach you how to score a horror film with PB’s Advanced Composition lecturer, Claude Ruelle. Beginning his career as a jazz guitarist, performing alongside artists such as Pierre-Alain Goualch, Claude has since created soundtracks for games such as ‘Penguin Tales’ and ‘My Time At Portia’ – so he certainly knows his stuff when it comes to soundtracks.

This video was extracted from our Composing for Film and TV module, which is available in London, LA and Online. So, if you’re interested in learning more about this subject, make sure you check out our line of courses. As a bonus to this video tutorial, we’ve made the project files (which includes a bundle of free samples) available to download, so you’ll be able to get a closer look at everything explained below. Grab your free project file download here – it will only cost you your email.

Using Logic Pro, Claude runs through the instruments and sounds perfect for creating dark and tense atmospheres such as impacts, strings, horns and more. He breaks down each element in the soundtrack explaining the music theory behind how exactly you create an eerie evolving sound with added tension. Experimenting with different effects, samples and random notes can also be a great wait to pad out your track before its urgent and explosive climax – which Claude demonstrates in the video.

If you’re looking for some gut-wrenching samples and atmospheric ambience to add to your dark tracks be sure to check out our list of Top 5 Halloween-Themed Sample packs. For more free stuff, you can head over to our freebies page where you will find a number of packs, project files, tutorials and more.

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