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Mazex – ‘Break the Ice’: Out Now on PB Music!

Mazex’s track ‘Break the Ice’ is as guaranteed to fill you with as much happy, youthful exuberance as the sight of a toddler owning a wedding dancefloor with moves unsullied by adult self-consciousness.

This appropriately named debut track by the 19-year-old EDM producer, the latest release on PB Music and available now on iTunes, plays excitedly, breathing new life into the comfortingly familiar chord progressions which make the track instantly likeable. The chopped up vocals seem to reflect a child’s exciting yet uncomprehending world as they rush around eager to drink in as much information as possible – to be everywhere and feel everything.

Under the influence of one of the EDM’s greats Mazex made the switch from acoustic to electronic music. He said: “I have always had a passion for music but earlier I was more into playing guitar. The one person that influenced me to start producing EDM was Martin Garrix. I used to love his songs and live shows and all that inspired me to do it myself.”

Despite describing himself as “just a bedroom producer at the moment,” who uses “a pretty basic set up of a computer, a pair of studio monitors, a keyboard and an interface,” Mazex has ambitions of taking his music to an audience of epic proportions. He said: “My dream gig would be to play the Ultra Music Festival and Tomorrowland. Those are huge, but I guess that’s what dreams are for.”

Despite his big ambitions, Mazex remains modest when describing his workflow and style. He said: “My style is nothing too complicated. I like making progressive house, but I feel there’s a Mazex sound or vibe in the tracks that I make which I feel differentiates them from others. When I’m producing a new track my first focus is on making the melody. I throw in whatever comes to mind and then improve it bit by bit until it starts to sound nice and catchy to me. The next thing is making the beat/drums and the bassline.”

Like most producers Mazex matches a spontaneous initial approach with a patient and thoughtful tweaking process. He said: “I keep on experimenting with new synths and plugins to get the perfect sound which I’m trying to attain for my track. It takes time, but there’s no other way around, at least that’s what I feel.”

If ‘Break the Ice’ is anything to go by, then Mazek is definitely onto something.

Break The Ice Artwork

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