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Style Guide: House pt. 1 – A History of House Music & Roland TR-909

House music is a fundamental part of electronic music. It’s by far the most widespread form of dance music, with its repetitive, four-four nature defining the sound of nightclubs since its inception. But how did it start? Who were the innovators and why did certain equipment end up carving the staples of house?

In a new series, we visited the Brighton studio of F9 Audio founder and Freemasons member James Wiltshire to investigate the origins of dance music, explaining both who and what went into creating those early records, and how the scene and studios grew with the sound. Watch part one above and make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel so you don’t miss part two.

frankie-1024x506Frankie Knuckles is widely accepted as the godfather of house music, emanating from his time as a DJ in the early days of Chicago club scene 

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