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PBLA Student Perspectives: November 2021 (Flor Falke & Jackson October)

Welcome to PBLA’s first installment of Student Perspectives. This month, we caught up with a couple of current students to discuss how they discovered Point Blank, skills they’ve learned in class, and how being located in Los Angeles has helped their careers so far.

Read on below to get a glimpse into life at Point Blank LA.

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Flor Falke – Advanced Singing & Songwriting Student

How did you discover Point Blank?

I was living in Barcelona for over a year, and becoming a professional singer was my dream since day one. I’ve always been taking singing private lessons but I was ready to take it to the next level and that’s when I got online, Googled every existing academy and landed on Point Blank Music School’s website. The website itself was really helpful, easygoing, and had all the information I was looking for. After reading about some of the courses they offered I got really excited, signed up, grabbed my suitcase, and came to LA. 

What’s something you learned in your Advanced Singing or Songwriting course that you have already found helpful?

I came with the basic knowledge of music theory and as soon as I enrolled on the songwriting course, I began to understand a lot of really important tools I’ve been missing out on, and I already see how they are changing the way I think when I compose. I must say, our professor Chloe O’Brien is not only really talented, but has made it really easy for us to understand the theory and more importantly, how to apply it to our own goals. Also, we’ve been given a lot of exercises that help improve our writing skills, help us get inspiration, and do more than just overthink.

In regards to Advanced singing, I felt more confident when enrolling in the course because I had been taking private singing lessons for a long time, but as soon as it began, our professor Mary Allouette said something almost magical! “You are not your voice.” Something so simple but so powerful allowed us all to let down our walls, become vulnerable, and play with our voices. As the voice/vocal cords are an instrument we can’t see, it can be really frustrating when trying to achieve something we are not used to. I’ve learned how important the chest voice is and how it can directly affect your mix voice and head voice. I’m a soprano, so the head voice has always been my easy area and where my attention was. Now that we are working on the chest voice, I am already seeing how useful and positive the upper range is for a good and healthy chest voice. Also, I’m in the process of learning how to read complex music sheets for voice, and that makes me feel more prepared for future jobs and more professional as well.

Why have you found it important to be in Los Angeles to pursue your career in music?

Since I was a little girl I’ve always wanted to visit LA, the city of film and music! I had this feeling that once I got here I would be experiencing and engaging with music and artists, and so far… It’s been like that! I’m constantly meeting really talented people and learning a lot from them, their journey, and their knowledge. I’m attending shows, music jams, and open mics, and it’s really inspiring. This makes me able to reinforce and enhance my studying at Point Blank. Being surrounded and constantly exposed to so much talent, music, and artists is something invaluable that I’m sure will inspire me a lot when building my career as a singer.

Jackson October – Music Production & Vocal Performance Diploma

After taking a gap year from University, I knew I wanted to apply to a music program. I wanted something that would teach me everything I needed/wanted to know, but felt spending 4 years to complete it was not in my best interest. After searching on Google and YouTube, I found the Production & Vocal Performance Diploma. It is 9 months in length and teaches almost everything I could ask for. I immediately knew it was the perfect option for me. I felt that this program would bring my understanding of music to a deeper level, while also allowing the practice I need to transform from a self-taught musician into a world-class performer. I also felt it would work well with my trajectory/path as an artist.

What’s something you’ve learned in your classes at Point Blank that has directly helped your artistry?

I have yet to release anything since enrolling, but my understanding of the inner workings of music has never been more profound. I overheard somebody in a program adjacent to mine say that these first few weeks have opened a new world for them as a music listener. I feel the same way, except as a creator of music. What I’ve learned so far makes me feel like some sort of emotional engineer when I create now. I have a new array of tools to create a work of art. Areas where my songs can improve are now becoming clear. I’m growing in those areas simultaneously.

Do you feel that being located in LA has helped you make connections as an artist?

I don’t think I can say for sure, as I’ve only been here for 4 weeks. But I will say that I have met some very cool people here. As somebody who was the only musician in my school, in my family, and in my area, it is especially great to have met so many like-minded people. By enrolling here I’ve had my first conversations in real life about creating music with actual musicians.

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