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Photek – Mine to Give (Ft. Robert Owens) Deconstruction with Ski Oakenfull and Voice-Swap AI

In our latest YouTube video, Point Blank’s own Ski Oakenfull, alongside Voice-Swap’s (and also former Point Blank) Declan McGlynn, takes us on a captivating journey through the deconstruction of a true classic, featuring the legendary Robert Owens. This session is not just any ordinary deconstruction; it showcases a groundbreaking integration of AI technology from Voice-Swap in music production. If advances in music software and AI interest you, why not check out our BSc (Hons) Music Software Engineering degree where you can learn to code your own software.

Ski and Declan dive deep into the elements that make this track a standout piece. They explore everything from its soulful house roots reminiscent of Chicago House sounds to the iconic 909 drum patterns and dubby synth stabs. They also discuss the track’s production and writing process, shedding light on how such timeless music comes to life.

A standout feature of this deconstruction is the innovative use of Voice-Swap technology, co-founded by DJ Fresh. This AI-powered platform enables the transformation of vocals to replicate the voice of another artist, ensuring ethical use and consent from the original artist. In our video, Point Blank vocal performance student, Jade Voice, delivers an exceptional rendition of Robert’s track. Utilizing Voice-Swap, her voice is seamlessly transformed to mirror the iconic tones of Robert Owens, showcasing the technology’s potential. This demonstrates how such tools can be invaluable for songwriters creating demos, allowing them to accurately replicate the vocal style of artists they’re working with, offering a realistic preview of the final product.

Point Blank Music School is dedicated to leading the way in integrating cutting-edge technologies into music education. Our BSc (Hons) Music Software Engineering degree is perfect for those intrigued by the fusion of AI and music, offering in-depth knowledge in AI and coding as key components of the curriculum. For aspiring songwriters eager to translate their creative concepts into reality, our BA (Hons) Songwriting degree provides comprehensive training in crafting hit songs. Explore these and other courses we offer in LondonLos Angeles, ChinaIbiza, and Online and feel free to contact us for more information.

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