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Point Blank Industry Panel: Tips for Surviving in the Music Industry

It’s reassuring to see that mental health awareness in the music industry, and many other creative fields, is finally getting the attention it deserves. This business can be stressful and precarious at times, especially as the nature of creativity can be very subjective and a great deal of the work can rely on freelancing. Gaging your success, the impacts of social media, and worrying about where the next pay-check is coming from can all take its toll on your wellbeing. However, You’re not alone. There are countless creatives who are in the same boat as you and luckily a great deal of them have years of experience to share.

On 10th October for World Mental Health Day we were joined by DJ Mag’s Declan McGlynn and a panel of partners and industry professionals to talk about mental health in music. Featuring global live performer and Point Blank instructor Saytek, R&S affiliate and instructor Sam Willis, Laidback Luke’s manager and Unmanageable Artists head Olga Heijns as well as Aidan Culley of Help Musicians UK and Sam Jordan of the Musicians’ Union, the panel present provided a wealth of experience. Grab the panel highlights below, which touch on the importance of managing your expectations, how to deal with self doubt, the impacts of social media, substance abuse and more. Watch till the end to see some of our PB students partake in a Q&A session where they, as young artists, were able to voice their queries and concerns. There’s a great deal to be learned here.

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If you’re affected by any of the topics addressed in the video above, last year Aidan Culley and Help Musicians UK launched Music Minds Matter, a free to use helpline which is open around the clock. The aforementioned Musicians’ Union is also another helpful platform for artists to get advice, make new contacts and learn. During the course of the evening, we were also joined by representatives from ACS, an associate of Help Musicians UK who are the industry leaders in protective earplugs for noisy gigs and loud venues. They offer fantastic discounts on fitted hearing protectors as well as the option for free hearing tests at Harley Street Hearing.

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