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Point Blank Recommends #36: Featuring B. Traits, Machinedrum, Joy Orbison + More

Point Blank Recommends is your handy digest of our essential new music recommendations, whether it’s box-fresh material or tracks that may have slipped under the radar. If you’re seeking fresh inspiration from unusual places, PBR#36 has got you covered. As always, this one covers a broad spectrum of electronic music, so open your mind, your ears and a fresh tab on your browser of choice and get refreshing those listening habits with our handy Soundcloud playlist.

December 2016. We’re here. We made it, even if many of our heroes didn’t. But if the last 12 months were a tough ride, the year’s best music offered a means of understanding, parsing and, equally importantly, providing blessed respite from our strange new world. Whether artists chose to refract the complexities of our era through challenging sounds, or make overtures to dancefloor transcendence, the world of electronic music proved as enriching as real life, well, wasn’t. Check out our final mix of the year – featuring cuts courtesy of a diverse pack of artists, from Rashad Becker to B.Traits, Joy Orbison to Machinedrum – and take inspiration. 2017 is a whole new year, after all.

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