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Point Blank Student Recording & Mixing session at Lynchmob Studios

Students work on the 60’s Neve desk.

Last week, students in their final year of our BA (Hons) Music Production & Sound Engineering Degree headed down to the incredible Lynchmob Studios to record 70s inspired Psych band Caper Parade. The final year of the course focuses on advanced mixing and mastering, with students learning to use Protools in a professional, commercial environment using full SSL consoles in 5.1 surround. Students record a live act (provided by Point Blank) and are tasked with setting up the studio before getting down to recording.

This time, students were lucky enough to record at Max Heyes’ (Z Management, Point Blank) Lynchmob studios. Max has worked with artists such as Primal Scream, Paul Weller, Ocean Colour Scene, Doves and on singles by Jamiroquai and Massive Attack. His remarkable studio has a 1960s Neve Mixing desk, 60’s mics and a plethora of assorted contemporary and vintage equipment. It is a true analogue paradise. Our BA (Hons) Music Production & Sound Engineering Degree can provide you with the tools necessary to take your productions above and beyond. With modules on Sound design, Mixing, DAWs, Composition, Djing, Music Business, Engineering, Mastering and more you will leave us overflowing with knowledge, kick starting your career in music and leaving you in good stead moving forwards. Using our London studios incredible facilities, you will have access to all sorts of hardware, from synthesisers and samplers to full recording booths. For a virtual tour, click here, or come and see the studios for yourself. Tours are held every Wed at 5.30pm and Sat at 12.30pm. Click here to reserve your place.

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