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Making Build Ups Using Ableton’s Spectral Resonator

If you’ve ever wondered how to create awe-inspiring transitions or a flutter of ear candy for your tracks, this tutorial is for you.

Point Blank LA’s lecturer and independent Electronic Jazz musician, Jaron Lopez, breaks down how to use Ableton Live 11’s Spectral Resonator plugin to create unique build-ups and new textures.

To creatively add harmonic information to a rhythmic track, Jaron demonstrates how to utilise the MIDI function in Spectral Resonator to create innovative sound design moments like applying a chord sequence to a moving shaker loop.

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Jaron also takes a deeper dive and explains how you can best use parameters like decay, unison, and pitch shifting with automation to build stunning, evolving transitions.

You can use Spectral Resonator’s nifty features to not only increase or wind down the energy during different parts of your song but also to preview elements of your composition without revealing the part in full force. This ensures repeated progressions in your track are continually evolving and sound fresh.

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