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Spitfire Audio: LCO Strings Part 3 – Reverb & Effects Tips

At Point Blank, we are constantly creating video content for your benefit, whether it be exclusive artist masterclasses, interviews, production tips & tricks or track deconstructions. Over the next two weeks, composer, producer and Point Blank expert instructor Kevin Kerrigan (Bjork, Brian Eno, Dido) will be giving you a taste of what you could learn at Point Blank, presenting you with a brand new series focused on Spitfire Audio’s new sample library: London Contemporary Orchestra strings. The first time these string sounds have been available in sample form, Spitfire Audio have teamed up with the LCO to provide everything one would need to create cutting-edge, experimental strings music. With a wide range of dynamically controllable, never-before-sampled articulations, this rich set of diverse recordings are both playable & musical and will transform your work.

In episode 3, Kevin Kerrigan experiments with employing different reverbs and effects with LCO Strings, giving examples on when it would be appropriate to apply them and sharing some useful tips and tricks. Watch the video above and remember to keep your eyes peeled for the next in the series, as it is going to be the final episode! If you missed them, you can still watch episode one and two.

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