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Student Opportunities: Paul Institute (Jai Paul) Sound Engineer Internship & more

We strive to give our students and alumni unique opportunities to get involved within the music industry. These come exclusively from our extensive network of industry contacts, and can range from DJ performance to internships and paid roles too. Scroll down to see what’s popping this week, and for those that want to access many more ongoing opportunities like this, you can find out all about our courses right here! Please remember – all of the opportunities detailed below are for PB students and alumni only.

Paul Institute (Jai Paul, Anup Paul, Muz Azar) are looking for a Sound Engineer Intern.

The Paul Institute is a new music company founded in London by Jai Paul, Anup Paul and Muz Azar. In March 2016 the company released A.K Paul’s debut single ‘Landcruisin’ to acclaim. Now, moving forward, the institute is looking to cultivate a collaborative group of arts and technology enthusiasts committed to taking their members through new adventures in music.

The role on offer is a Sound Engineer Intern. Candidates must be bright, friendly and well organised. You will need to be well versed in all different aspects of recording, from digital multitrack recording using Logic/Pro Tools to working in live sessions recording guitars and drums etc. You will also be required to have technical expertise to know which pieces of equipment are best for a particular purpose and how to operate such equipment. Computer skills to manipulate sound editing and controlling software, as well as the ability to identify the proper pitch, volume or effects for each sound in the recording.

Some of the activities you could be involved in include:

  • Planning and assisting recording sessions.
  • Setting up mics and other equipment from vocal recordings to drum sessions.
  • Working with software and outboard effects and processors.
  • Operating recording equipment and adding effects.
  • Mixing tracks to produce a final ‘master’ track.
  • Maintenence of studio and equipment, ability to solder, test and fix faults will be valuable.
  • Optimisation of studio computer equipment for latency, cpu efficiency etc.
  • Logging or recordings and general organisation of computer files and samples in the studio archives.

This is an entry level job paid at internship & apprentice salaries, covering all typical expenses. This position provides a great oppportunity to make new connections and gain some vaulable insight into the music and creative industries at the highest levels. The internship will last for a trial period of 3 moths with potential for a more permanent position after.

To apply, please email your CV, a short cover letter and links to your work to with the subject line Sound Engineer Internship. The Deadline is February 28th.

Right Chord Music are looking for writers, vloggers and photographers.

Right Chord Music are looking for regular contributors to come up with creative content for their music platform. Since their foundation the RCM blog has reached music fans in over 185 different countries and currently attracts over 6,000 views per calendar month. They want to know what’s happening in your country, your city or your town. The best new bands, the best live shows or the issues and challenges impacting your music scene.

There are only two rules:

1. They only want to hear about unsigned and self released, artists – no signed artists, they have the backing of a label and RCM prefer to focus energy on artists that don’t have this support.

2. Quality, nothing is published on RCM that looks or sounds unprofessional. If you wouldn’t share it on your Facebook or Instagram then why would they? Their mission is to prove you don’t have to be signed to produce incredible music, so maintaining standards is everything. to us.

Your contributions can be as frequent, or infrequent as you want. You don’t have to be just restricted to written articles, photos or a video journal would be pretty exciting.

Every piece of content published will be shared across Right Chord Music social channels, providing you with a ready-made opportunity to grow your portfolio. If you are interested follow this link to their contact page and get in touch today.

Read more here.

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