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Student Success: December 2016 w/ Bruming (Flashmob LTD) Wendy Escobar (Traxsource) + more

Another month, another batch of former PB students making some serious waves out there in the real world. This is where we show off – like proud parents – recent success stories to give you insight into how music industry careers are established and nurtured right here at Point Blank. In December 2016, we’re catching up with a diverse set of just breaking and established talent, including Cork based DJ/Producer/Studio head Bill McGaley (a.k.a Bruming), genre-blending LA producer Damon Steele and newly appointed Traxsource presenter DJ Wendy Escobar. Want to join them? Check out our LondonLos Angeles and online course pages to begin your own journey to the top.

Bill McGaley (Flashmob LTD, BMG Sound, Be My Guest – Music Production Ableton Live Diploma)

Since completing his diploma, DJ/Producer Bill McGaley has been incredibly busy working full time on a number of projects in the music industry. These include running his club night Be My Guest and his own studio in Cork, Ireland: BMG Sound, where he provides personal training for other aspiring DJs and producers. He has also been busy producing and developing his own sound through his alias: Bruming, with his first release coming out on Flashmob LTD in March 2017. Bill is quick to point out the effect Point Blank had on his career. ‘Point Blank was life changing for me. The foundation of my career was formed with furthering my knowledge with PB and growing as a producer.’ He was particularly taken with the sound design elements of his course, saying ‘I recommend every aspiring producer to take the sound design module. This its hugely beneficial to anybody looking to find their signature sound and wants their music to stand out from the crowd.’. 

Moving forwards, McGaley plans to follow up his first release with more tracks out on his own label and develop his club night into its own label/agency. ‘The plan is to grow the brand with quality music, great nights and to recruit the next generation of DJs and Producers.’ Check out his BMG Soundcloud here and his Bruming Soundcloud here. Don’t forget to keep your eyes peeled for Bill’s release in 2017!

Wendy Escobar aka Escodisco (Traxsource – Songwriting Course)

DJ/Songwriter Wendy Escobar has enjoyed continued success since graduating from Point Blank. Honing her craft as a DJ she ‘loved going in (to PB) for hours and jamming on the turntables’ and enjoyed ‘having a space to collaborate with and meet like-minded people’. Wendy has been DJing all over, at a multitude of nights and on the festival circuit. Recently, she has been appointed as the voice of Traxsource, with over four million listeners every week. ‘It’s really exciting to have a voice and authority, and provide my input on tracks and artists.’ 

Whilst studying at Point Blank, Wendy found it particular useful improving her Logic skills – being Ableton dominant previously – and deepening her understanding of arrangement techniques. ‘My time at Point Blank has definitely helped me with my sets, mixes, music curation and creation, while providing loads of opportunities and professional peers within the industry.’ You can check out Wendy’s Soundcloud here. Stay tuned to her mixes on her personal page and via Traxsource.

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